エスペリアホテル京都 スライド画像
エスペリアホテル京都 スライド画像
エスペリアホテル京都 スライド画像
エスペリアホテル京都 スライド画像


Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing
time in Kyoto

S-PERIA HOTEL Kyoto is easily accessible by train and on foot from Kyoto Station,
conveniently located for both sightseeing and business.

Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time while recovering from the fatigue of your travels at S-PERIA HOTEL Kyoto,
which boasts large public baths where you can relax with a view of the garden
as well as a breakfast featuring local Kyoto ingredients.

The large public baths feature detoxifying mist saunas
to help you recover from the fatigue of your travels.

All rooms have separate bathing, toilet, and sink areas
and feature spacious beds for your comfort.

The next morning, you will be treated
to a special breakfast buffet featuring dishes
such as Kyoto's unique obanzai and homemade tofu.

エスペリアホテル京都 3つの魅力

Kyoto is a city packed full of sightseeing locations and charm.
We offer recommendations on how to enjoy your trip from S-PERIA HOTEL
Kyoto based on your travel style.

  • エスペリアホテル京都 旅の過ごし方

    Just one train ride from nearby Tambaguchi Station for a relaxing time on the bamboo forest path

  • エスペリアホテル京都 旅の過ごし方

    Enjoy spectacular seasonal views in Arashiyama, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city

  • エスペリアホテル京都 旅の過ごし方

    Take a bus or train to explore the sights of the city of Kyoto

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エスペリアホテル京都 館内のご案内

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, S-PERIA HOTEL Kyoto offers a wide range of facilities and services to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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